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Admitted to Practice in NY

The Law Office of Gabe Meister aims to provide speedy, cost-effective and practical legal guidance—backed by over 20 years of private practice and in-house experience—to support your critical licensing, IP, technology and media transactions.

Our practice focuses on:
  · Software and technology licensing, development, distribution, maintenance, consulting and sourcing deals
  · Cloud and “X as a Service” agreements, e.g., SaaS and PaaS
  · Crafting and navigating online and mobile policies, terms and conditions
  · Traditional and digital content/media licensing and distribution agreements, including cable TV, over-the-top (OTT) and direct-to-consumer (DTC)
  · Intellectual property (IP) counseling

Whether simple or complex, consumer-facing or back-end, stay the course or bet the farm… The Law Office of Gabe Meister is here to help.

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