Root Node Candidate Proposal
for Gabriel Meister

Name: Gabriel Meister, as member of Root Node Associates, LLC

Q Public Address: 0x02BA6F1246FdB2296A539472Ad5D7861eEb08f3A

My Background and Motivation: I am a technology transactions lawyer with 25 years’ experience in intellectual property issues, contract drafting and negotiation, and new media and technology matters. By maintaining a Q Blockchain Root Node, my hope is to contribute to the Q ecosystem and the adoption of cryptocurrency generally, and to use my legal and technical backgrounds to participate in and improve the Q governance structure.

I received my B.A. in biology from Brown University in 1993, where I worked to help create novel computer-driven immunology and vaccine development research tools. I then received my J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1998, where I served as an Affiliate of the Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society (now known as the Berkman Klein Center). After law school, I spent 16 years in biglaw at Morrison & Foerster LLP, including as a Partner in both the New York and Tokyo offices. Following a four-year stint as in-house counsel in the technology/entertainment space—as VP, Senior Media Counsel at the National Basketball Association and SVP, Business & Legal Affairs at EPIX—I returned to private practice, where I now leverage my deeper understanding of companies’ real legal needs.

Throughout my career, my practice has spanned a wide range of software, Internet, digital media, and technology deals, from small licensing arrangements to multi-billion dollar M&A transactions. As the industry has focused more heavily on cryptocurrency, I have worked on several deals in the space, advising clients on technology, IP, and contract-related matters. I am particularly interested in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and my practice requires a strong understanding not only of the relevant legal issues, but of the supporting culture—in which I participate regularly. I’ve minted and sold my own NFTs and used Manifold to create my own smart contracts for minting, and I am keenly interested in historical NFTs and NFT “archaeology.”

Address: 25 Central Park West 3B, New York, NY 10023 USA
Attorney Biography:
New York Bar #: 3032687

Staking Commitment: I understand that I may collect rewards from acting as a root node in the Q system regardless of whether such rewards may be seen as arising from the Root Node Tokens. In my role as a Root Node, I commit to accumulating a stake of 250.000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) Q Tokens (the “Stake”) and subsequently to maintaining the Stake before using any Q Tokens accumulated in excess of the Stake.

Q Constitution: As required by Part A of Appendix 2 to the Q Constitution (“Appendix 2”), I hereby confirm:

  • My name is Gabriel Meister.
  • I am a natural person residing in New York County, New York, USA.
  • I would like to become and act as a Root Node for the Q Blockchain because I believe my legal expertise in the areas of technology, intellectual property, and contract drafting and interpretation will benefit the governance and adoption of the Q Blockchain.
  • I hereby expressly accept, sign and make available for inspection by any Q Stakeholder a signed copy of this Q Constitution by signing electronically a hash of this Q Constitution.
  • I am resident in a jurisdiction in which foreign arbitral awards are regularly enforced without undue delay in accordance with the terms of the New York Convention.